Arlington Designer Homes

Arlington Designer Homes is an award-winning custom home builder in Arlington, VA. COGO updated the website to a more modern, updated design and added additional functionality to make it more of a sales and marketing tool. They had not updated their website in several years and were in need of a modern and polished look and feel that reflected the history of the company while showcasing their custom home designs and renovation work.

After completing the design and development, COGO fully optimized (SEO) the site so it was found in relevant Google searches.

Finally, our team set up a tracking system to fully track all website and online leads. We created a customized online digital dashboard that tracks website traffic, leads, lead sources, social media growth, online reviews, email campaigns, and keyword rankings.

Project: Logo Update, Website Design, SEO, Project Gallery Development, Google Adwords campaign development.
Technology: Google Analytics, Contact 7, Wordpress with PHP Customization,
Google Search Console, Online Digital Dashboard, Google Adwords