Here’s What Your Business Needs to Know about ChatGPT

You’ve almost certainly already heard the buzz around ChatGPT, and how AI is already starting to transform the landscape of what it means to produce online content. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about what this groundbreaking technology can and cannot do, so as marketers it’s important to understand the limitations of ChatGPT as well as its potential.

ChatGPT is here to help you, not replace you. While it’s absolutely true that ChatGPT can find facts and convey them fairly eloquently, there are still a lot of aspects of content production that will require your input. For example, ChatGPT doesn’t have opinions, and as an expert in your field, your perspective on the best way to do things is what makes you and your business unique. In addition, ChatGPT cannot personalize content, so it’s still up to you to tailor that content both for yourself and your audience. In other words, you can use AI to help you generate outlines and drafts of what you want to say, but you are still the most important element to keep your content relatable and give it that human factor.

ChatGPT can find and compile information, but there are some limitations. If you ask ChatGPT to write you an article about all the different types of red wine, it can find and categorize that information much more quickly than you can. However, if you ask it to write an article about a current event that happened last week, it can’t do that. ChatGPTs knowledge base only goes up through 2021, so it knows nothing about the latest news headlines or changes that have happened since that time. That’s a big issue in a world where people want the most current information possible, and where the most current information is constantly changing. Also, ChatGPT can’t cite its sources, which means you won’t be able to fact-check it or even know where it got its information.

ChatGPT can produce phenomenal results, but it’s not magic. If you were hoping to step back and let ChatGPT take over all the tasks you don’t want to do, that’s not going going to happen – at least not yet, and not to an acceptable standard. You still need to be on top of quality control, and that means you still need to be heavily involved. High-quality human-written content will still outperform AI-generated content by a huge margin, and AI content is trackable, meaning that search engines can spot it and will rank it lower than content created by a person.

There’s no doubt now that AI is going to be the future of search and content marketing, but it’s important to understand how these upcoming trends fit into a larger digital marketing strategy. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll look at your current efforts and give you personalized tips on how best to move forward in 2023.

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