Depth & Breadth: Developing Your Leadership through Blogging


You have a gift! You have the gift of knowledge about a particular industry, company, product, and services! Sharing your gifts will ultimately help you in the end. Sharing is caring and if people see you as an expert in a certain field, then they will go to you with their questions and their business. You can develop your leadership by sharing online.

According to Google, there are 4 questions that you need to ask yourself (and your team) when sharing your knowledge through blogging … or publishing articles (i.e. blogs) like we do on LinkedIn.

  1. Is your content informative and useful? Use keywords and phrases in your industry or field of interest to help attract the right audience.
  2. Is your website or LinkedIn profile credible? Some ways to build your credibility are to build relationships and share comments and articles on other credible websites/profiles, display your awards, certifications, BBB logo, and Angie’s List Accredited badges, for example.
  3. Is your content well written? Have your team double check your writing for tpyos typos and grammar mistakes … see what I did there !
  4. Finally, is your content engaging? Use a striking photo and title. Think about what you would click on. What makes you tick … I mean click. What makes you click? What makes you bookmark a webpage, share it, recommend it, or submit a comment?

Nailing these questions will help you nail down your content when sharing your expertise in blogs. A while back we emphasized the importance of using tools, such as LinkedIn to grow your personal brand, clientele, and show your expertise in the market.

We even just did a talk at a business luncheon this afternoon about the importance of LinkedIn in showcasing expertise.

Tip: Go in-depth! Share your success tips and insight, how-tos, advice, white papers, and helpful links, photos, phone numbers and resources. It’s all about creating content in the right context (i.e. through a weekly blog, eBook, webinar, or social media for the goal of: keeping your audience and potential customers informed and engaged).

This is thought leadership. This is successful online marketing. 

Your content should be something that benefits the reader. And when you work hard to benefit the reader, it will benefit you.

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