Last-Minute Halloween Marketing Ideas

Grinning Halloween lantern vector illustration.With Halloween quickly approaching, you may have been caught off-guard when it comes to taking advantage of the marketing opportunities in the year’s spookiest holiday. No need to be afraid, though – there are still a few things you can do this week to capture the attention of your audience (and hopefully not scare them away!).


*Post photos of your Halloween décor and costumes to Pinterest. While personal over-sharing is generally frowned upon in business social media, Pinterest makes it acceptable to share the more “human” side of your business, and holidays are exactly the sort of thing you can talk about without running the risk of being too familiar. Create a “Halloween at our office” board and share a few photos of what your office looks like, what people’s costumes are, and so forth. Don’t forget to share the link to the board on your other social media accounts!


*Run a costume or jack-o-lantern contest. Ask people to submit photos of their costumes or homemade jack-o-lanterns, and draw a name at random to let one of your customers or followers win a prize! It doesn’t have to be an expensive prize – it can be fun no matter what you give away.


*Create a poll. What are your followers’ favorite things to do on Halloween night? Watch movies, go to a party, or something else? Are they planning to dress up? Find out what everyone is doing, either through a Facebook poll or a poll on your blog, and get the discussion going based on the most popular answers.


*Make a Halloween-themed video. If you haven’t been making good use of your YouTube channel, now would be a great time to start! You could do a Halloween-themed product tutorial (which might just be a regular tutorial in a Halloween costume), a funny promotional video, or just something scary! Don’t forget to encourage people to follow you on your social media accounts.


*Participate in Halloween hashtags. Twitter has been lighting up with Halloween-themed hashtags – get in on the action and open yourself up to the wider conversation! Whether you talk about costumes, decorations, or plans for the evening, this is a great chance to show the human side of your business, and meet some new followers in the process. Remember that this is about conversation, though – don’t get too spammy with promotional links!


Are you doing anything special for your followers this Halloween?