Why Video is Important to Your Online Marketing Strategy

BY Peg McDermott on Jun 24, 2014 / IN Blog, marketing strategy

youtube for your businessThere is a lot that goes into creating an effective online marketing strategy. While the use of video may sound intimidating, once you are on the right track this can be a fun way to generate new business and connect with your target audience.

With the average internet user watching videos on a daily basis, it only makes sense to add video to your online marketing strategy. If you don’t, you are missing out on a great opportunity to share information with the world.

The way you use video depends on many factors, including your company size, industry, budget, and availability of time.

Here are three ways to add the use of video to your online marketing strategy:

1. Demonstrate your product or service. Did you recently roll out a new product? Are you hoping to educate your audience on a particular service offered by your company? While there is nothing wrong with adding the appropriate text to your website, don’t overlook the power of video. When you bring your “how-to tutorials” to life, you may be surprised at how responsive your audience becomes.

2. A big hello from your staff. By showing the faces behind your company, customers and prospects will feel much better about doing business with you.

Give everybody the chance to get in front of the camera, introduce him or herself, and show the world what they bring to the company. Not only is this a great addition to your online marketing strategy, but it is something fun for employees.

3. Customer testimonials. A prospect is more likely to become a customer after hearing how great your company really is. Have you taken the time to reach out to satisfied customers, asking them to record a testimonial?

Don’t Shy Away

Many people shy away from the use of video in their online marketing strategy because they don’t know where to start. Even if you only have the use of a basic webcam, you can shoot video that can be shared with your audience. As you grow, you can purchase or rent more advanced equipment, ensuring that your videos are of the highest quality possible.

For many companies, the use of video is a big part of their online marketing strategy. Now that you know more about how to get started, the time for doing so is now. After your first video you will look back and wonder what took you so long.