AI for Digital Marketing, Part 3: Beyond ChatGPT and Midjourney

So far in our AI for Digital Marketing series, we’ve discussed mainstream tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, that people are using to help them generate written content and graphics. These two aspects of AI get so much attention that many people don’t realise they’re just scratching the surface of what AI can do for them. Marketers in particular can benefit greatly from digging a little deeper — here are some of the AI tools that can really boost your 2023 digital marketing strategy.

  • Pro Rank Tracker. Reliable and current information on page rankings can be hard to nail down, but Pro Rank Tracker finds the most accurate information available. You can browse through charts and other visualization tools to analyze your data, and then generate reports to share with your team so everyone is on board.
  • Flyfish. You can give your sales team a turbo boost with this tool that helps them advise potential customers using a range of AI tools. Consumer context has become extremely nuanced, so this tool helps your team take all those factors into account.
  • Alli AI. If your website doesn’t need a full overhaul but could use some tuning up, Alli AI can recommend and implement millions of beneficial tweaks to your website in a matter of minutes. From code fixes to text optimizations, you can approve changes immediately, as well as rolling back to a previous version if something goes wrong.
  • INK. If you are using tools like ChatGPT to help generate content, you know that you need to be careful to avoid issues with search engines and AI detectors. INK uses AI to help you improve your content organically, as well as comparing it to the content of your competitors so you can find ways to improve upon their approaches.
  • Wonderchat. ChatGPT isn’t just for static content —you can combine it with other tools for countless dynamic applications, as well. Wonderchat takes your existing knowledge base and automatically creates a chatbot that your website visitors can use to get answers to their most pressing questions.
  • Hour One. If you’ve struggled to get on the video bandwagon because you just don’t make that kind of content, Hour One can help make it for you. It can create video content from a simple text prompt, and generate videos in over 60 languages and 200+ accents.
  • 6sense. Failures in lead generation and nurturing can lead to lost revenue. 6sense uses AI to help you pinpoint visitor intent, build targeted audiences, and reach those audiences with tailored advertising.

There are countless new AI tools popping up every day, but In order to use AI effectively in your digital marketing strategy, you need to understand which tools are most appropriate for your goals. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll help you discover the most efficient ways your business can thrive in 2023 and beyond.

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