COGO Digital Blend AI, Late August 2023

BY Peg McDermott on Aug 29, 2023 / IN AI, Digital Blend, digital marketing

We’re back with more Digital Blend AI, featuring all the latest AI info you need to boost your digital marketing strategy!



Are jobs safe? — A lot of people are worried that AI will put them out of a job, but the outlook is more hopeful than bleak if you’re ready to evolve with the tech.

The AI cold war — A dozen major media companies have blocked access to ChatGPT in what some are calling a “cold war”.

AI and bias — The White House is working with hackers to help fix racism, sexism, and other biases in artificial intelligence.



Beyond ChatGPT and Midjourney — Most people are only familiar with the basic mainstream AI tools, but here are the ones you need to know about as a marketer.

10 AI marketing tools — Here are some new tools to try if you want to start venturing into AI marketing.

New Twilio AI — Twilio has introduced new AI tools for its customer engagement platform.



Optimizing for AI algorithms — SEO is one of the most important areas you need to understand for marketing in the age of AI.

Fine-tuning for ChatGPT — If you’re not getting good results with ChatGPT, here are some ways to create more effective prompts.

What’s in demand? — For those wanting to pick up some new AI skills, these are the ones that are most in demand right now.



The power of emotional intelligence — A deep dive into why humans will always remain the key factor in marketing, no matter how much AI infiltrates the industry.


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