COGO Digital Blend AI, August 2023

BY Peg McDermott on Aug 02, 2023 / IN AI, Digital Blend, digital marketing

It’s time for another serving of Digital Blend AI, featuring all the latest tips, tricks, and trends from experts at the forefront of the AI revolution!



AI and copyright — Artists raise concerns over AI training sets while governments aim to regulate the new tech to protect creators.

How Congress is responding — A rundown of all the new rules that policymakers are considering to help businesses use AI while tightening the reins on how and when it can be used.

Abraham Lincoln has entered the chat — Meta is creating chatbots with famous personalities, including that of the sixteenth President.



8 fresh AI tools — From spreadsheets to video generation, these new AI tools can help businesses with all aspects of marketing.

YouTube auto-summaries — YouTube is experimenting with AI-generated summaries to help videos find the right audience more accurately.

AI customer service — AI chatbots are still in the early stages, but business can start using them for simple and repetitive customer support tasks.



Prioritizing customer experience — As AI becomes more integrated with business, using it to build strong customer connections is key.

Exploring AI for business use — Here are four key considerations that businesses need to remember when moving forward with AI.

Level up your skills — AWS is offering several free and low-cost courses to help people learn generative AI skills from any starting level.



AI ethics for marketers — Why ethical decision-making is of the utmost importance for marketers and advertisers who want to grow with the help of AI tools.


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