How to Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts in 2020

The world is a very different place from what it was a few months ago, and in addition to the personal changes we’ve all had to make, business are also having to learn how to adapt and survive in an unfamiliar landscape. If you’re looking at this new reality and wondering how best to allocate limited resources, here are some things you can do right now to maximize the return on your marketing budget and carry your business successfully through this challenging situation.

Make your strategy more SEO-centric. You may be dealing with a reduced marketing budget right now, but you actually need it to be working harder for you than ever before. The key to balancing that equation is to shift toward techniques that can bring you a greater return for a lower cost, like SEO. With people staying home and spending more time on their mobile devices and computers, website visits have gone up over the past month. More than half of marketers are already recognizing the increased importance of SEO at this time, and pivoting their tactics toward organic search as a primary driver. This means that now more than ever, content is king and you need to be updating your website with fresh resources and blog content to keep search engines interested.
Keep your eye on the bigger picture. Remember that the acute period of this crisis is temporary. You want your business to continue growing not just now, but for the long term. The same tried and tested rules of search marketing still apply, and high-quality evergreen content is the key component. Yes, by all means you should write blog posts and publish content that helps your customers navigate through Covid-19, but you also want to show them that your business will be around for them well beyond that. Share the entire range of your expertise and demonstrate your value through downloadable resources, informational videos, and blog posts that show both your knowledge and willingness to help customers solve their problems.
Test and analyze. Every penny and every ounce of effort counts right now, so you don’t want to be wasting time or money on strategies that aren’t benefiting you. Pay attention to the numbers on what your customers are responding to, what information resonates with them, and fine-tune your trajectory accordingly. The goal here is to keep conversions as high as possible at a time when overall spending is down, so you have to be perpetually testing your output against the measuring stick of whether or not you’re achieving that goal.
Sitting around waiting for things to go “back to normal” is not a smart business choice; now’s the time to be more proactive than ever with sharpening your marketing focus. We’re happy to provide guidance if you’re not sure what changes would be best for you – contact us today if you need help to adjust your marketing strategy and get your business back on track.
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