Multimedia Is Important in Online Marketing

BY Peg McDermott on Feb 01, 2017 / IN Guide, Tips, UX, video
The word “dynamic” describes today’s online experience! The early days of the web featured mostly static pages with lots of text and not much else. Though, the websites you see now are bursting with information of all kinds, with a lot of two-way interaction and audience engagement. The advent of multimedia, of course, has played a huge role in this evolution. As media quality has improved, things like images, video, and even live streaming have become not only possible, but commonplace.
Multimedia is everywhere nowadays. Intelligent marketers understand the need for incorporating a fair amount of multimedia into online marketing strategies. Even the smallest businesses with the simplest goals can still benefit from including multimedia as part of their campaigns.
Tip for small businesses: doing this can also open you up to a whole new level of engaging with potential customers.
Video, for example, used to be only for a select few. It was expensive to make, difficult to maintain quality, and many people did not have the bandwidth or the necessary hardware specs to view videos on the web. YouTube is simple to use as well. Every smartphone has a halfway decent camcorder, and most can directly upload videos to YouTube. This means that even the smallest business owners can start videos for an interested audience with very little investment.
Failing to take advantage of multimedia can have consequences. Instead of some marketing campaigns coming across as boring, stale, and out-of-date, multimedia can be the additive that creates a level of excitement to interest visitors … and also make marketing more interesting for you too.
How much multimedia have you included so far as part of your online marketing? Have you noticed a difference in how people respond to your videos? Or how people respond to you as you’ve ramped up your multimedia efforts? Share your thoughts with us.
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