“Social Media Can’t Help Me!”


Have you ever heard someone say or read this? Or have you thought this yourself? Social media has provided marketers with an entirely new set of tools and it can be confusing or daunting to keep up.

We completely understand this. But we are here to tell you that inbound marketing can help you apply social media marketing in a controlled and results-oriented way. Click here for our blog on “Mastering Inbound Marketing & How to Get Started” and read below for more tips.

Tip: Deploy one social media platform at a time.

You can create the platforms/accounts and post some relevant content to start with, but when we say “deploy one at a time”, we mean that it is best to focusing your efforts one at a time when you’re striving to increase your reach and engagement rates on a particular social media site. Each site provides different advantages and some disadvantages. 

Where is your biggest opportunity? Get good at driving business results with one site before you tackle the others. Define your expectations for all of your social media marketing. For example: number of followers, Tweets, leads from Twitter visitors, impressions week over week, profile visits, mentions this week versus last week, etc. Then, each week, try a different track with a different promotion.

Tip: Talk with your followers, not at them.

Don’t simply post, post, post and then post again – you may end up sounding like a robot. Well, how do you make social media engaging you ask? Converse with your friends, followers, viewers and connections. Turn content into conversation starters:
·         Make posts controversial
·         Take the opposite position (whether you agree or not)
·         Tell stories and ask your fans to tell their own stories
·         Educational content that brings them into your world
·         And … IMAGES, IMAGES, IMAGES! 

“Readers connect with images in just 13 millisecond or less; our brain process images 60,000 times faster than text.”

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Social media is still an emerging tactic. We are all trying to figure it out as things grow, trends change and upcoming generations set a new tone. Just try it. Make sure your posts are in-line with your personal and business core values and strive to get into a level of comfort with what you post … then it becomes fun, no? And when something is fun it
becomes easy to do and will help you in return.

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