Top 5 Reasons to Use Infographic Marketing

BY Peg McDermott on Aug 20, 2014 / IN Blog, marketing strategy

social-mediaDoes your marketing plan need a shot in the arm? Are you tired of doing the “same old, same old” with hopes that you achieve the desired results?

Even if your current marketing plan is working, it makes sense to consider other options. Have you given infographics a second look?

With an infographic, you are taking data and presenting it to your audience in a visual manner. Not only does this allow you to get your point across, but you are able to do so in a more attractive manner.

Here are five of the top reasons to use infographic marketing:

1. Attracts more attention while also keeping people on your site longer. Since an infographic is more “visual” than plain text, you can be rest assured that visitors to your site will pay attention, while also sticking around for a longer period of time.

2. The potential to go viral. Is there anything better than the thought of your infographic going viral? If this happens, it will drive a lot of traffic back to your site. On top of this, the inbound links can do wonders in terms of your search engine rankings.

3. A great addition to your social media strategy. There is nothing wrong with sharing basic blog posts via social media, but there is something special about sharing an infographic. This type of content has a much better chance of attracting a large number of eyes.

4. People love them. Think about this from your own perspective: do you get excited when you come across an interesting infographic? Be honest. Like most, the answer is probably yes.

5. Fun and exciting to create. Traditional content is a must, but there could come a time when the thought of writing another piece puts you in a bad mood. Why not mix things up by creating an infographic? This can bring a lot of fun and excitement to your marketing strategy. Even if you don’t have the time and/or skills to create one of these on your own, you can hire somebody to do the work for you. In the end, the excitement remains.

These are five of the best reasons to take a strong look at infographic marketing. If you have yet to experiment with this, there is no better time than now to get started. It may be a change to your current approach, but it is one that can generate big time results.