5 Reasons Why Your Customers Are Your Best Salespeople

Thinking about expanding your sales team this year?  Honestly, there’s probably no need, and it might not even be the best strategy.  These days, the best way to drive revenue is not through refined sales tactics; it’s through the advocacy of your customers.  Here are five great reasons why your customers can do just as much (or more!) for your business than your sales team can.

1. Customers are not afraid of speaking up.  In the earlier days of the internet, people had a lot of fears about interacting and saying what was on their minds.  Now, for better or worse, people can’t wait to share their opinions whenever they get the chance.  Of course, this is true whether the opinion is positive or negative, so you need to be mindful of the quality of the service you provide, because the truth will come out either way!
2. Customers talk to their friends, online and off.  Word of mouth is more important than ever.  When looking for advice on making a purchase, people trust the opinions of those they know and respect, so you want to make sure that your business is the one people think of when they are asked for a recommendation.
3. Customers will write testimonials.  A strong testimonials page can be a marketing cornerstone for your website, because they’re real experiences from real people.  You can build up an impressive library of testimonials by requesting them from your customers – make sure to do it right after their transaction, when the interaction is fresh in their mind and they’re still excited about how great everything was.
4. Customers will write reviews. Yelp, Amazon, and just about any retail site provide places for consumers to review companies and products.  These reviews are a tremendous resource for those who are in the market for a particular product or service, and can often influence the decision-making process.  This is great news if you provide a quality service, as the reviews will speak for themselves and reassure potential new clients. 
5. Customers will boost your follower numbers.  You know the old saying, “you have to spend money to make money”? The same is true with your online audience – you have to have followers to get followers.  Visitors give more attention to businesses with blogs and social media accounts that already have a strong following.  Encourage your customers to follow and interact with you on your social media pages, because the stronger those numbers are, the better that will look for people who are casually looking for your products and services online.
This year, instead of pushing your sales team for increased revenue, try focusing more on on the gold mine that is your current customer base.  Their experiences are what potential customers want to hear about, and what will give you the reputation you need to get the conversion numbers you’ve always dreamed of.
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