The 7 Secrets for Skyrocketing Website Traffic in 2021

With so many businesses strengthening their internet presence in 2020, the online landscape in 2021 is more competitive than ever. In order to carve out your place for growth in the market, your website needs to be bringing in as much traffic as possible. Here are some proven ways not only to bring new visitors in, but to keep them coming back again and again.

1. Keep it simple. With so many cool design tricks available, it can be tempting to implement everything at once to create the most impressive visual experience, but if your site suffers in load time and usability, you’ll only drive visitors away. Keep gimmicks to a minimum and focus on clean design with good navigation and pages that load quickly.

2. Prioritize mobile. Responsive design is always good, but with such a huge percentage of consumers browsing from handheld devices, mobile-first design can be even better than responsive if you’re a B2C business looking to attract new customers.

3. Dial in your SEO. It can be a pain to try to keep up with every new tweak to search engine algorithms, but if you want organic traffic (which you do!) then it’s worth the time and effort. The good news is that although algorithms frequently get adjusted, the overall goal is always the same: to reward sites that are the most useful, informative, and therefore valuable to visitors.

4. Zero in on your content. The way you achieve that SEO goal of having a valuable website is to deliver high-quality content. When was the last time you freshened up the information on your site or published a new whitepaper, ebook, or blog post? If you want extended visits and repeat visitors, give your readers a reason to stick around.

5. Integrate your social strategy. Most businesses post regularly to their social channels, but often there’s a lack of direction and it’s not clear how the social presence is contributing to driving traffic and leads. Keep this in mind when crafting posts, because compelling social media content is still a very powerful way to divert attention to your website.

6. Supplement with ads. Organic growth is essential, but there’s no denying the huge boost in traffic you can get from correctly structured paid advertising. Don’t just throw money at the problem, though – do your research and base ad channel choices on your key business objectives.

7. Build momentum with retargeting. Almost no web visitors make a purchase on the first site visit, so it’s important to stay fresh in their minds and encourage them to come back for repeat visits. When they’re finally ready to buy, effective retargeting will ensure that it’s your site they come back to instead of your competitor’s.

A good marketing strategy will not only attract web traffic, but will find the right visitors who are seeking the products and services your business provides. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll point you in the right direction with some personalized tips to help turn your website into a powerful marketing tool.

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