Revive Your Email Subscriber List with These Key Re-Engagement Techniques

Email subscriber lists naturally fluctuate over time, but it can be frustrating to watch subscriber numbers go steadily down with no indication as to why. It is just as important to hang on to existing customers as it is to acquire new ones, so try these techniques that professional marketers use to re-engage your inactive subscribers and have them start taking action from your emails.

Adopt a more targeted strategy. As your email list grows, the reasons why people subscribe will vary more and more. If you’re sending out the same emails to everyone regardless of their indicated preferences, you’re asking for subscribers to get bored with the emails that aren’t relevant to their interests. Dividing your list up into segments based on subscriber preferences will allow you to be more specific with your email message content, and send people only the emails that will help them achieve their distinct goals.

Make it personal. Nothing turns subscribers off more than spammy mass emails, so while you’re creating topic-specific content for each of your list segments, take the time to tailor the messages a little further for each individual. Even something as simple as adding the subscriber’s name into the greeting of the email can give the message a personalized touch that makes it feel more like it was written just for them. The more information you have about subscriber goals and preferences, the more you can shape the emails they receive into content that is likely to resonate with them on a personal level and inspire them to take action.

Let them know what’s in it for them. Nothing gets people motivated like a free gift. When you haven’t heard from a subscriber in a while, send them an email that lets them know you’ve been missing them, and offers them an incentive to become an active customer again. An exclusive discount, an extra freebie, or some other kind of limited-time offer serves several purposes. Firstly, it thanks the subscriber for being a member of the email list. Secondly, it helps them remember why they wanted to connect with you in the first place. Lastly and most importantly, it encourages them to move forward with their ideas by taking advantage of your offer.

There’s an art and a science to connecting effectively with customers, and email subscribers are just one piece of the overall puzzle. If you’re looking for new ways to nurture and grow your customer base, contact us for a free consultation, where we’ll give you practical tips that will help get you moving in the right direction.

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