What Do YOU Need to Know about Facebook’s Redesigned Feeds?

Over the past year or so, TikTok has become the gold standard for content presentation and finely-tuned algorithms. It has become so popular that older social media platforms like Facebook are now making major changes in order to keep up with these new expectations. As such, Meta has now completely overhauled Facebook’s newsfeed, and split it into multiple feeds with different goals and audiences. As a marketer, here’s what you’ll have to take into account if you want to create content that will appeal to both your existing audience and also new visitors.

Home Tab vs. Feeds

What used to be a unified newsfeed has now been split into two separate tabs. It seems like that would make things more complicated, but it’s actually intended to clarify and simplify the user experience. The Home tab is what users see when they first open the app, and it’s using AI to serve up a combination of content that the user is already following, mixed with personalized recommended content based on what the user has liked and followed in the past.

The content for the Feeds tab, on the other hand, comes solely from entities that the user is already following. There’s no crossover from Facebook’s discovery feature, so your content in this tab should be tailored for the people who already follow you.

However, the Feeds tab is also separated into sections: All, Favorites, Friends, Groups, and Pages. The All section is algorithm-based, so the more high-quality content you’re producing on a regular basis, the more often you’ll show up for your followers in that section.

Appeasing the Algorithms: Short-Form Video

What do Facebook’s algorithms want from creators now in terms of high-value content for the Home tab and the All section of the Feeds tab? Stories and livestreams are important, but given the rise of TikTok, It’s probably not surprising that the highest priority is currently short-form videos like Reels. In fact, in a recent survey it was reported that 85% of marketers listed short-form video as their most effective format for both lead generation and engagement.

This gives marketers an opportunity to connect with multiple audiences on multiple fronts. You can make use of status updates, polls, and photos to engage with your current audiences in the Feeds tab, and add in livestreams and short-form video for outreach to potential new followers as well as your existing audience. You can use calls to action in your content to get more of your followers to add your page to their Favorites, for maximum tab coverage. If you’re already posting Reels on Instagram, you can also use the automatic crossposting feature to share that content on Facebook as well.

Investing in ads can also be a great way to extend your brand’s reach, and now your ads can be displayed both in the Home tab and the Feeds tab. With that plus the more specific targeting for organic content, these changes to Facebook’s feed structure will create even more opportunities for brands to connect with the most appropriate audience.

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