Marketing Is Evolving in 2023 – Are You Ready?

2022 has been a crazy year with a lot of big changes for marketing, and 2023 is not going to slow down one bit! Here are the most powerful marketing strategies you can use in the coming year to stay ahead of the curve and achieve explosive growth for your business.

Top 2023 content strategy: short-form video

If the meteoric rise of TikTok wasn’t enough to demonstrate where content was heading, Instagram and YouTube are now confirming that vertical short-form video is way forward. The beauty of this format is that the videos don’t have to be well-planned or polished – 10 to 30 seconds is more than enough, and if you can commit to consistently posting one short video every day, you’ll reap the rewards in the form of exponential follower growth.

Top 2023 social strategy: user-generated content

People hate the word “influencers”, but the truth is that a growing number of consumers, especially in Gen Z, trust influencers over brands when it comes to product recommendations. So if you want word to get around about your business, it’s important to have influencers creating content for you. It doesn’t have to break the budget, either – platforms like the TikTok Creator Marketplace can easily help you partner with the right influencers at a level you can afford.

Top 2023 SEO strategy: user intent

Google’s so-called ‘helpful content’ update is really upping the search game in terms of matching the right people to the best possible content, and one of the ways it works is through predicting the intent of a user when they enter a search term. Where this comes into play for SEO in 2023 is fine-tuning your keyword strategy so that your sales pages reach users who are ready to buy, rather than those who are just gathering information or still trying to decide.

Top 2023 advertising strategy: PPC

Google’s pay-per-click ad options are a real game-changer, because not only will your ads show up in searches that are relevant to your business, but you only pay when your ad gets results. This means you’ll be getting way more bang for your advertising buck, and with the current economic challenges we’re all facing, the opportunity to spend less on ads with better ROI is always welcome!

Top 2023 surprise strategy: email

Almost every year you hear experts predicting the demise of email marketing, but time after time, this tried-and-tested strategy bounces back. As of this year, email marketing still generates $42 of revenue for each dollar spent, which is more than impressive. In order to take advantage of that kind of ROI though, you have to put some effort into building the best quality subscriber list. Magnets like interactive quizzes and actionable downloads can help you filter for the people your business can really help, and create a subscriber list that consists of your most ideal customers.

2023 has the potential to be a big turnaround year for businesses that have well-defined goals and clear strategies. Contact us for a free consultation – we’ll help you clarify exactly what you should be doing now to make sure that 2023 is the best year ever for your business.

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