5 Digital Ad Techniques You Need to Be Using Right Now

Keeping on top of digital advertising is a constant struggle. Trends and technologies progress quickly, to the point where you have to try to stay ahead of the curve just to keep up with the current pace. With that in mind, here are five digital advertising trends that you need to be moving forward on right now if you want to be at the top of your game heading into 2019.

1. Personalization. Given how much information you can have about your audience and customers, there’s no excuse for not giving them a personalized experience when it comes to advertising. Aligning your message with the customer’s specific preferences is no longer a value-added bonus; it’s something that consumers have come to expect. Look at Amazon, for example – anytime you visit the site, you can see that it remembers who you are, what sorts of things you buy, and what types of items you tend to search for. The tailored recommendations you receive as a result help Amazon get you a lot closer to a purchase than if you were just browsing around randomly.
2. Micro-Moments. We interact with our phones dozens if not hundreds of times per day, often using them to quickly do a bit of research regarding something that’s happening right now. Whether it’s looking up prices, comparing brands, or just getting information on a travel destination, these “micro-moments” of on-the-go interaction and problem-solving mean that marketers need to be ready to capture consumer attention in any context, and at any given moment. The Google report on micro-moments shows how marketers can connect with customers at the right time with the right information, leading to higher conversions and greater brand satisfaction.
3. Augmented Reality. While tech experts were touting the miracle of virtual reality and talking about it as the Next Big Thing, augmented reality tiptoed up from behind, and is now one of the most important advertising tools. When consumers are looking for a particular type of product, they need to know how it will complement their current lifestyle, and AR can help blend what is possible with what already exists. Augmented overlays can show mobile users just how your product can fit in with what they already have, or how it can make them look better than ever. Being able to see that potential improvement can really help a customer feel more comfortable and certain about committing to a purchase.
4. User-Generated Promotion. Marketing has changed immensely from the days of clever slogans. Today’s consumers are wary of trusting brands, and would rather trust the feedback of real people. Tools like NinjaOutreach and BuzzSumo can help you identify the best and most relevant influencers in your niche, and then it’s up to you to deliver what you do to these influencers so they can try and test and report their findings. Be warned, though – the whole point of influencers is that they tell the truth, so the quality of your products and services is key!
5. AI/ChatBots. Chatbots are in line to become the main marketing and communication channel in the next few years and should be an essential component in your marketing strategy.  It’s true that companies continue to struggle with web forms that aren’t efficient, sales cycles that are too long and customer service calls that go unanswered so it would make sense that this new tech tool provides a huge sales and marketing opportunity for businesses. There are several messaging platforms to consider including Facebook Messenger, Slack, kik, Viper, Skype and others. If you’re just interested in working on the Facebook Messenger platform, have a look at ManyChat and Chatfuel as they both offer streamlined solutions for building an intuitive bot on the  Messenger platformIf you haven’t created a bot for your business yet, better get started…this is where your customers are and how they want to communicate. 
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