Compassionate Leadership

BY Peg McDermott on Oct 07, 2016 / IN CEO, leadership, Thought Leadership


Compassionate leaders are effective leaders. CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, is one who understands the value of managing teams in a charmingly mellow and gentle way with a sense of concern for others. Compassion as has three components:

  1. A cognitive component: “I understand you”
  2. An affective component: “I feel for you”
  3. A motivational component: “I want to help you”

 What type of management style do you use?

Shift the conversation from “I” to “We.” Include your team in your successes. There are very few things you can do completely and solely on your own. Compassion includes understanding how others contribute. Put aside any personal ego. Include your team in the acknowledgement of your own achievements and your department’s achievements too.

You can unleash the power of your organization if you motivate people to reach their full potential. If our supporters are merely following your lead, then their efforts are limited to your vision and direction.

It is wide to learn from others. Adopting compassionate management principles and taking an active interest in learning from others will help your team work better together and your business flow more smoothly.

“Wisdom without compassion is ruthlessness, and compassion without wisdom is folly.” …  “Compassion can be taught”, says Jeff Weiner.

It can be constructive to take a minute to understand why the other person has reached their conclusions in certain scenarios. What in their background led them to the decision or action? Do they have the appropriate experience to be making the decision? Are they fearful of a particular outcome that may not be obvious at first?

Asking yourself the above example questions (Jeff Weiner) and more importantly, asking the other person these questions, can take what would otherwise be a challenging situation and transform it into a coachable moment and truly collaborative experience.

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