The End of Google My Business – What It Means for YOUR Business

We’re all used to Google’s frequent algorithm and feature adjustments, but the recent announcement that Google My Business would be phased out in favor of the new Google Business Profile has left business owners wondering what will happen to their existing listings. Here’s a rundown of the changes that will affect your account, and what you can expect from the new Business Profile framework.

Access will become simpler. Although it’s a hassle at first to have to deal with so many changes, in the long run you’ll find that the new Business Profiles are easier to use and quicker to access. You can easily manage your info, connect with customers, and post updates directly from the search and Maps pages, without the need to enter the separate GMB dashboard. This functionality has existed in a more basic form since 2017, but will now be expanded to become the default way that businesses manage their listings.

In addition, you will also be able to access important features such as responding to customer messages, claiming and verifying new listings, and dealing with profile suspension. All of this can be done directly from the search page, just by putting the term “my business” in the main Google search field.

The GMB app is being retired. As part of the simplification process, Google will be retiring the Google My Business mobile app in 2022, since it’s no longer needed now that listing management is handled directly within Google itself. Agencies that manage multiple listings can still do so via the existing GMB web interface, which is being rebranded as the Business Profile Manager.

Keep an eye on your performance. The new Performance tab is also accessed directly from the search page, and leads to all the numbers and charts you need to assess how well your listing is performing. You can see how many people are viewing your profile, review the search terms that triggered your profile to be shown in the results, and learn about the types of customers who are looking for your business. You can even see how many of those profile views led to messages, phone calls, or website visits.

Although unexpected changes like these can be frustrating at first, overall this seems to be a positive move that will make listing management easier and more streamlined for businesses in the long run. Listings like Google Business Profile form an important part of the hub of your digital marketing strategy, so it’s important to make sure the pieces all fit together in a way that helps you reach your business goals. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll give you personal feedback on your current strategy and help you with tips to get your business moving in the right direction.

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