COGO Digital Blend, November 29th, 2021

Here’s the latest edition of Digital Blend, navigating the holiday season with tips and tricks from the experts who know how to build a solid digital marketing strategy!


Why great design should be a priority – If you want customers who stick around and take you seriously, here’s why great web design needs to be high on your priority list.

The importance of a well-rounded team – Web development is not a monolith, it’s a complex tapestry of factors that have to work well in conjunction with each other. Your development team needs to reflect that.

Website design trends for 2022 – These are the visual aesthetics that will be making the biggest impact in the coming year.


Local SEO for multiple locales – If ‘local’ means more than one place for your business, does it make sense to create separate articles for each location?

Earn your website a passing grade – Google’s Core Web Vitals are the benchmark for high-performance web design; these are the elements your business website must have.

The benefits of going organic – Organic SEO helps your site rank higher in search without the need for expensive pay-to-play solutions – here’s how this can work for businesses on a budget.


The end of Google My Business – as Google shifts its focus to the new Google Business Profile, here are the ways that business owners will be affected.

The silver lining of Covid-19 – Businesses who were forced online at the beginning of the pandemic share how their businesses have grown and evolved since March 2020.

Not all backlinks are equal – Backlinking is a solid traffic strategy, but make sure you understand which page locations have the highest value.


Alternative social media holidays – If the old standards aren’t enough for you this holiday season, here’s a list of other holidays that your business can celebrate on social media.

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