Website Speed: How It Affects SEO Marketing

As search engines continue to prioritize user experience, how your website performs plays more and more of a role in your search engine rankings. Ranking algorithms are complex and sometimes difficult to understand as a whole, but here’s how website speed on its own is a major SEO factor that can affect your entire digital marketing strategy.

Website visitors are impatient. You already know how frustrating it is to stare at a screen waiting for a site to load, and in fact most visitors won’t even bother, they’ll just bounce and go elsewhere. It happens sooner than you think, as well; you only have a few seconds before a visitor is tired of waiting, and then they’re closing the tab and looking for another company. Google’s rankings reflect this tendency simply because it’s so important to the end user – if your website doesn’t load quickly, then it won’t show up as high in search, end of story.

Mobile is taking over. Most businesses already know they need a website that looks good on mobile devices, but speed is just as essential to the mobile experience, and a site that loads quickly on a laptop won’t necessarily be as fast on a phone or tablet. This is why testing in multiple environments is critical when you’re building your site, and you’ll want to make sure that your development team is putting the mobile experience at the top of their priority list. Doing so will not only give your rankings a boost, but it will keep your customers happy as well.

Better performance yields better bottom line results. The whole point of improving your site rankings is to get more visitors, more conversions, and of course more revenue for your business. The longer people stay on your site, the more likely they are to continue through the buying journey and complete the sales process. This is why search engines make such a big deal about website speed: it helps consumers achieve their ultimate aim, which is to find a business that can help them solve their problem quickly and efficiently. This is true whether you are selling physical products, providing online services, or even just sharing information and expertise – no matter what your business model looks like, better website performance is going to lead to more new customers and greater customer loyalty.

Your business website is the hub of your online presence, so getting it right is crucial to your digital marketing success. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll help get you on the right track for building a website that helps you move toward your overall business goals.

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