AI for Digital Marketing, Part 4: Preparing for the Future

Most of our AI for Digital Marketing series has been focused around the tools and skills that you need to navigate through the current AI marketing landscape, but of course AI is constantly evolving. This means that your approach to your marketing strategy also needs to be dynamic, especially when it comes to preparing your content for search engine algorithms that will be increasingly reliant on generative AI. Here are some changes you can start making now, to be ready as Google and other search engines roll out the next generation of AI-based algorithm updates.

Make your content personal. One of the big changes coming soon for Google is the incorporation of generative AI results directly in the header section of the SERP. This means that Google itself will be able to provide accurate, factual answers even when faced with relatively complex questions, and without the need for the user to click through to any other website. This may sound scary, but it actually gives you an opportunity to do what AI cannot: provide a first-person perspective. As the latest algorithm changes roll out, sites that can give experiential information through personal narrative will feature much more highly in the rankings than sites that simply rehash facts and stats already provided directly on Google.

Build your online authority. If you have special expertise, well-regarded credentials, or are known in your field as a trustworthy source of knowledge, now is the time to make that abundantly clear in all your online content. Whether it’s on your website, through your social channels, or assisting in public forums, anytime you can boost your perceived expertise, it will benefit you to do so. This comes back to providing the kind of personal perspective that AI isn’t capable of, and that in turn feeds into Google’s EEAT quality rater guidelines, which will become even more important when the new AI updates start going live.

Perfect your long-tail game. SEO experts have been pushing the importance of long-tail keywords for several years now, but as AI takes over search, long-tail is going to be the only keyword technique that matters. As search engines become more and more adept at answering all the basic questions in a thorough manner with generative AI, your business needs to find its keyword niche by answering the more in-depth questions that are tailored to your specific audience, and that go beyond what generative AI is likely to provide. This will help your business rank higher, and will also help you tune in more accurately to your ideal customer.

An AI-dominated future might seem intimidating, but with the right guidance you can build a marketing strategy that will prepare your business for 2024 and beyond. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll look at your current strategy and help you make the necessary adjustments to use the AI revolution to your full advantage.

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