COGO Digital Blend, October 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of Digital Blend, where we bring you the best tips and tricks from the experts who can help you build a solid digital marketing strategy!


Is it time for a change? – It’s important to know when you’ve outgrown your current website design – here are the major signs that you need to update, upgrade, or maybe even start over from scratch.

What the future holds – As we approach 2022, these are the creative website trends that we all need to start preparing for.

Building an accessible site – The web should be accessible to everyone, but a whopping 70% of websites do not met the basic Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Making your site accessible is not only the right thing to do, it’s also a smart business move.


Getting personal – Website personalization creates exceptional experiences for your visitors and helps drive engagement – here are three ways the top websites personalize their site content.

Fine-tuning your SEO – These eight SEO hacks will pinpoint technical issues and put you in the mindset of your target audience, which in turn can help boost website traffic and sales.

Using the right tool for the job – Respected SEO experts weigh in with their favorite tools for diagnostics, competitor assessment, keyword development, and more.


The power of partnerships – Partnering with YouTube micro-influencers can add perceived value to your brand, raise your online profile, and connect you to an audience that is already engaged and willing to listen to your message.

Facebook expands organic post testing – Facebook has been refining its organic post testing tools for some time, and this latest version provides more direct insight than ever into what Facebook users respond best to.

Spreading the word – No matter what type of content you publish on your website, sharing it to a variety of platforms will help you boost your brand credibility. Growth expert John Hall shares two methods for building your brand authority across multiple content-sharing sites.


Reimagining famous logos – Artist Martin Naumann is taking the world’s most famous brands and giving them a makeover by creating holographic chrome versions of their logos. His initial challenge was limited to 36 brands but the project has become so popular that he’s expanding it to 100.

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