Thank You, 2020…

BY Peg McDermott on Dec 30, 2020 / IN Grateful

I know many of you are looking forward to 2020 coming to an end, and with good reason – it’s been a challenging year. I, on the other hand, would like to thank 2020 for what it has taught and brought to me, and for helping me to learn that our health, friends and family, and connection with others can’t be taken for granted. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, we can still find things to be appreciative of as we head into the new year.

Our Clients

I am grateful to our clients and partners for showing us how to stay resilient through difficult times. 2020 tested us over and over again, and we were so lucky to work with people who had the flexibility and stamina to pivot when it was needed and keep going even when the things on the horizon looked less than certain. As the year progressed and in-person interactions became less frequent, we worked more closely with our clients to come up with strategies to strengthen their brand presence online and grow their sales through e-commerce portals.

We also connected with a lot of prospective clients, and we look forward to partnering with them next year to develop a plan for increased growth and higher revenue, especially as we all work together to establish effective marketing practices and a “new normal” in the ever-evolving business landscape. 2021 is going to be a key turning point for many businesses, and we’re excited about helping our clients move in a strongly positive direction.

Our Team

2020 was a notable year for our team. COGO was honored with several awards, including:

  • Top Web Designers in Washington, DC – Expertise
  • Top Web Designers in Washington, DC – Clutch
  • Top Social Media Companies in Washington, DC – Clutch
  • Top 30 Social Media Agencies in Washington, DC – The Manifest
  • Top Digital Strategy Agencies in Washington, DC – Clutch

We’re proud to have been recognized in these categories, and the accolades make us even more driven to provide our clients with the best possible services in the coming year.

Our Future

In 2021, digital marketing will continue to evolve and be an essential growth factor for businesses. Content marketing will be more important than ever. Social media, once seen as supplemental, has now become a central factor in digital marketing strategies. At the same time, advances in search engine algorithms are providing even more opportunities for growing companies to step forward and shine. With an increasing number of businesses competing for online attention, having the right marketing strategy and knowing how to use all the available channels will be what separates businesses that thrive from those that just survive. We want to continue to use our expertise to help businesses achieve their goals, no matter what changes or surprises the future may bring.

2020 has been a growth journey for all of us at COGO Interactive. Our clients and partners challenged us to be a better agency, and our team rallied to rise to those challenges. We’re glad that we were able to help businesses weather the storm, and we look forward to helping even more businesses develop and prosper as we move into the new year.

On behalf of everyone at COGO Interactive, I wish you good health, prosperity, and continued business growth in 2021. We’re excited to work alongside you to make great things happen!

What’s your #1 goal in 2021?

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