How to Turn Your Website into the Ultimate Marketing Tool

How long has it been since you’ve revamped your business website? With more time spent working remotely and a renewed emphasis on e-commerce, 2020 is the ideal time to make sure your website is on point. It’s not just about updating the design elements, though – your site needs to be generating leads and creating lasting connections between you and your customers.

User experience is paramount. It’s fun to have a beautiful website that looks nice, but your chief priority should be making it easy to use for visitors. They should be able to find what they’re looking for without getting lost, confused, or frustrated. From the moment they arrive on any device, visitors should be guided on a journey that is visually compelling, answers their questions, and gives them full confidence that your company can solve their problem better than your competitors can.
Is your current website bringing in leads? This is where a solid overall marketing strategy comes into play. It’s not just an online brochure – your website is useless if it’s not generating leads every day. Every page needs to be structured according to your sales goals, with clear descriptions of products and services, effective calls to action, thorough search engine optimization, and of course easy ways to get in touch with you. A good website should make visitors feel comfortable and motivated to move quickly through each step of the buyer journey.
You have to listen to your analytics. Testing and retesting is the key to finding out what is working and what isn’t. Don’t become attached to beautiful parts of your website that aren’t doing anything for your revenue; your website is a marketing tool first and foremost. Be ready for surprises that send you in new directions, and stay open to the possibility that you will discover new and innovative ways that customers are connecting with your business. Sometimes your ultimate lead-generating website will end up being very different from what you initially imagined, and that’s absolutely fine.
An experienced web design partner understands these priorities. There are literally millions of designers out there who can create a nice-looking website. What you’re looking for, however, is a web design partner who has experience in all the aspects outlined above: user experience, lead generation, and testing and analysis. A full redesign can be a major investment on multiple levels, so this is one area where cutting corners isn’t going to be financially beneficial overall. Spending a little extra now getting your website right will translate into much higher revenue in the long term.
Redesigning your website isn’t an instant fix – take it step-by-step and prioritize the elements that will start bringing in more potential customers. If a project of that magnitude still seems overwhelming, contact us for a free consultation, where we’ll share some personalized tips and help you get on the right track to having a website that really works for your business.
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