10 Ways to Create Must-Read Blog Posts in 2020

Starting a blog for your business website is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, keep your site full of fresh content, and help improve your ranking with search engines. If creating a blog was one of your business goals for 2020 but you still haven’t built up any momentum, here are ten interesting topic categories that will help bring traffic to your site and keep readers engaged.


1. Tutorials. Demonstrate your knowledge by showing your visitors how to do things in your field of specialty. This is also a good way to start incorporating videos on your site, which is an excellent SEO move.
2. Reviews. Is there a new product, service, or piece of software relevant to your field? Try it out and share your experiences and opinions.
3. Solutions to common problems. Most people who are looking to make a purchase online are trying to solve a problem – you can help them by guiding them through the most common issues your business encounters.
4. Things to watch out for. Readers will always be thankful for warnings about safety precautions, legal or regulatory issues they might encounter, or other common pitfalls.
5. Creative ideas. Are there ways to use your products (or related products) that people might not have thought of? You can share ideas that will help your readers tap into their creative side.
6. Origin stories. Where did the idea for your company come from? How and why did you start to develop your first product or service? What was the road that led you there? Sharing those stories can help you make a personal connection with your audience.
7. Growing trends. What are the big up-and-coming trends in your industry right now? Help your readers stay ahead of the curve.
8. Mythbusting. Every industry is full of misconceptions and misinformation – now’s your chance to come in and set the record straight.
9. Pros and Cons. There’s usually more than one way to get something done, but how will your visitors know which way is right for their situation? A pros and cons chart can help them see what is good and what is not-so-good about each option they’re considering.
10. Best-of lists. Top ten lists, lists of your personal favorites, and end-of-year lists in December are all fun ways to share rankings and encourage discussion. People will always comment if they think you left something important off your list!
A good blog is both relatively easy and fun to maintain if you have a steady supply of quality topics to talk about. Just make sure that you keep the language accessible, keep the tone light, and be consistent with your publishing schedule.
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