COGO Digital Blend, January 2022

It’s a new year and a new installment of Digital Blend, bringing you a wealth of great advice from the top digital marketing strategists!


Four features of responsive design – Most people know that responsive web design is automatically scalable to any screen, but there are other aspects you need to be familiar with as well.

Startup websites that deliver – Too many startups try to create their own sites to save money; here’s what you’re missing out on by not hiring a knowledgeable development team.

Understanding visual distinction – When constructing the visual layout of your website, it’s important to know what draws the attention of visitors and makes them look where you want them to look.


Good vs great SEO – Top optimization experts weigh in on how to go to the next level when it comes to ranking highly on competitive SERPs.

What to do about Vicinity – Google’s disruptive major local search algorithm update has left businesses reeling, so what can you do to get your business back on the map again?

Adopting a search-first mindset – So much attention is given to paid advertising and promotions, but forward-thinking companies will start to focus more on optimizing for organic search.


How to target web traffic effectively – Not all web traffic is created equal, and how you guide a visitor through the buying journey makes a big difference to business growth.

A distributor’s 2022 growth strategy – This case study shows how businesses can shift to a prioritized e-commerce strategy to drive increased revenue and growth, even during a pandemic.

Build a profitable blogging strategy – Your blog can be a tremendous marketing tool, but only if you can make it stand out from everyone else’s.


Revenge is priceless – The Bronx Zoo capitalizes on pettiness this Valentine’s Day season with a promotion where customers can pay to name a roach after their ex.

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