How to Supercharge Your Online Presence with Real-Time Engagement

BY Peg McDermott on Mar 15, 2018 / IN Social Media Marketing
Gone are the days when having an online business presence was just a matter of throwing a static webpage together and letting it do the work for you – today’s consumers (and especially those from younger generations) are accustomed to the internet being a place for dynamic interaction.  In terms of lead generation, this means that in order to stand out in a sea of available options, you need to be perpetually demonstrating why your product or service is special.  Here are three ways you can start engaging with your audience in real time, to show everyone exactly what you’re made of and why they should want a piece of it.

The word “bot” has something of a reputation because of its historical association with spam, but don’t get the wrong idea – today’s bots are used as helpful, conversational assistants that can be programmed to automate a range of real-time interactions.  Whether providing customer service, filling in as a sales assistant, or just chatting with visitors, bots can both give and receive valuable information, while using the data they collect to help provide a more personalized experience.  Bots are everywhere now – on websites, apps, social media, and messaging services – and it’s definitely worth exploring how you can use bots to help augment your digital marketing strategy.
Everyone likes the feeling of having a VIP pass to all the behind-the-scenes excitement, and livestreaming provides exactly that.  Via Facebook or Instagram, for example, a live video stream feels like a window into a private world that customers normally wouldn’t get to see.  Some companies choose livestreaming as a medium to answer a few questions, while others simply use it to help build a more personal bond with their audience.
When it comes to showing and sharing specialist knowledge, live webinars are the way to go.  You can host training seminars, masterclasses, or other events that can help your audience learn a little more about what you do, and understand why you should be the one they turn to when they need further assistance.  As a bonus, the audio and/or video from the webinar can also be made available after the live broadcast is over.  Curious visitors can get a feel for what the webinar was about, but the fact that they missed out on the opportunity to ask questions and participate can encourage them to sign up for the live event next time.
As technology progresses, it’s also becoming more transparent in its role in helping the world connect.  Whereas being on the internet used to be all about interacting with a computer, these days it’s more about using the tech to interact with each other.  Your audience expects nothing less than the this level of personal connection, and the bonus is that it can be both fun and profitable for you, as well!
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