A well-optimized website

BY Peg McDermott on Feb 04, 2010 / IN Search Engine Optimization

Time is just slip slidin’ away…way too long since I last posted. My goal over the next few posts is to share tips, tricks and strategies on how to leverage internet marketing to grow your business. Internet marketing includes one-way (email marketing), as two-way marketing (social media marketing), and search engine marketing (SEO, PPC).

It begins with the basics: a well-optimized website. The best approach is to hire a professional that focuses on SEO as one of their core disciplines. The effort is well worth the investment when you consider that over 88% of us start a buying decision using the search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) are the major 3 engines and make up over 75% of search traffic.

At the very least, cover the basics and make sure your business is set up on Google’s local directory so you show up in the local searched for your service. You know the ones that list the businesses alongside a map of locations? This is very effective and you would be surprised how many businesses don’t take advantage of this tool – it’s free for cryin’ out loud! You can access at Take the time to add your business(s), and you’ll see your search results improve over time.