10 Ideas for Selling on LinkedIn

BY Peg McDermott on Apr 19, 2016 / IN LinkedIn, LinkedIn Training, Sales


You’ve seen our team here at COGO Interactive create articles on several LinkedIn topics, LinkedIn sales tips, profile headline tips, LinkedIn’s CRM feature, myths, and other special tips about using LinkedIn and more. So now we just want to make it simple for you and list 10 ideas for selling on LinkedIn that combines the information from our blogsinto a quick guide. 

Here is the quick, simple list to get you going in the right direction on LinkedIn + Selling: 

1.      Find the right people. The best sales opportunities happen because of referrals.

2.      If you’re a locally based business, use the Advanced Search tool on LinkedIn and make sure to use the location filter as well. You can search a keyword and a city to generate the perfect group of prospects.

3.      Figure out which decision makers matter and map out the organization to understand key influencers. Then approach with a thoughtful plan that addresses the specific needs of the individual/company. This is called “social selling”.

4.      Use LinkedIn’s notices and information on your connections’ profiles to gather information about job changes, promotions, news mentions, blog posts, and common connections. Then you can go in “warm”, rather than cold, with useful and timely information.

5.      Ensure that you send a personalized connection request message that explains how you know them or why they would want to connect with you.

6.      Organize your prospects and build relationships using LinkedIn’s Relationship Tab (click the link here for sample pictures on where to find this).

7.      Create new content. 95% of buyers expect sales professionals to offer new or different insights, at least to some extent. 

8.      You can add a “Welcome to My Profile” video, or even add a video of one of your clients who praises your business and gives you a great testimony.

9.      In your summary, you can direct people to the contact page on your website, or add your direct phone line to have them reach you in real time.  Offer up a free 15-minute phone consultation and you may be amazed from the boost in leads that you will gain.

10.  Some LinkedIn Groups have hundreds of thousands of highly-targeted business decision makers for your industry.  The more you add compelling topics, answer questions, make positive comments, and offer your expertise in the various conversations, the more people will become aware of who you are, who you help, and what you have to offer. 

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