Why Facebook Still Matters for Marketers in 2018

Over the past year or two, you may have seen reports that Facebook usage is declining. Although the social network does have its issues and young people in particular are trying other sites and apps, it’s important to remember that even now, the number of monthly active user on Facebook is still increasing, and with nearly two-thirds of Americans still using Facebook on a regular basis, those are numbers that digital marketers absolutely can’t ignore.

A different kind of numbers game
Sure, a lot of teenagers may have pulled away from Facebook in favor of newer social media channels, but unless that’s specifically your target demographic, that trend in and of itself shouldn’t worry you too much. With effective targeting, Facebook ads and analytic features can help you to understand more about who your ideal customers really are, and how reach them more effectively. Once you start using tools like Audience Insights to find out where your target audience spends their money and what their habits are like, you can experiment with different targeting options and types of ads until you hone in on the right combination. Your audience is out there; you just have to let Facebook tell you where and how to reach them.
The old dog is learning new tricks
Facebook has been around for well over a decade now, but it has grown and evolved at an ever-accelerating rate. A lot of the newer features available to business pages can help you make the most out of emerging marketing techniques. Facebook Stories, for example, give companies a way to add a personal feel to their brands and stay connected to their followers in a more immediate way. Messenger, as well, has upped the connectivity game, making it possible not only to serve targeted ads through private messages, but also to implement AI chatbots for things like customer service and shopping assistance.
Once a haven for students trying to connect with each other, Facebook is now more business-minded than ever, and they keep rolling out a seemingly endless stream of tools that focus on marketers and their needs. This is a social network and marketing platform that’s not going away anytime soon. If you’d like some additional help with marketing via your Facebook page, be sure to download our free guide to growing your business with Facebook.
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