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BY Peg McDermott on Jun 08, 2016 / IN Blog
We thought this May article by Russ Henneberry was brilliant! So, we are highlighting it here. Every blog post gets one of three reactions from a reader: “Magnificent!”, “Could have been better” or “That post was dreadful.”
Read below for 10 points to a blog post audit. Then, access the link at the end of this blog for a “Blog Post Audit tool” and step by step process to download. There are 10 elements to writing a catchy blog:
  1. Headline
  2. Introduction
  3. Consumption
  4. Goal
  5. Media
  6. Close
  7. Search
  8. Categorization
  9. Completeness
  10. Consistency
Blog Post Audit Element 1: Headline: Look for the benefit statement included in the opening and you’ll likely find the beginnings of a headline.
Blog Post Audit Element 2: Introduction: Open with a simple sentence that is easy to read and that builds curiosity.
Blog Post Audit Element 3: Consumption: Blog copy should be formatted in a way that makes the article easy to consume. Transitions between ideas and subheadlines are smooth.
Blog Post Audit Element 4: Goal: Have a clear call to action that is relevant to the article and have it located in one or more prominent positions within the post.
Blog Post Audit Element 5: Media: Use all images, video and audio. Use media that is clean, clear and of high production quality.
Blog Post Audit Element 6: Close: The closing of the article can often take it from good to great.
Blog Post Audit Element 7: Search: Make sure all 5 “on-page SEO elements” are optimized for a keyword unique to that page.  Simply choose a relevant keyword that is unique to your post and include that keyword in: 
  • Title tag
  • Body text
  • Image alt attribute
  • URL
  • Meta description
Blog Post Audit Element 8: Categorization: (i.e. Budget & Saving, Tax Tips, etc) The proper use of categories and tags is an important part of the user experience on your website.
Blog Post Audit Element 9: Completeness: A post should completely deliver on the promise made in the headline and introduction.
Blog Post Audit Element 10: Consistency: Is your brand professional? Snarky? Academic? Whatever it may be, produce content that reinforces that brand.
Click here to download the Blog Post Audit Tool (it’s a blog content plan that takes 60-seconds or less to fill in). Then get instant access to the Blog Content Planner spreadsheet to track your plan.
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