1 Question To Bring Back Excitement in the Word Blog””


Does blogging sound daunting, confusing, or boring to you? Does the word “blog” sound dull to you? Then this is for you. “Blog” originated as slang for “web log.” A blog could be a piece of writing that showcases a project you are passionate about, for an entrepreneur’s platform to highlight their creativity, or for an expert to express thoughts and ideas from their education, career and life journey.

A blog does not have to be dull if it is filled with passion or purpose. And everyone has something they love to do, say or create!

[… in case you’re wondering … our purpose in writing this one: to help out, inspire you in some way, communicate a strategy for your online marketing, and share knowledge and one major question that will help you find what to blog about].

So, here’s one question that can turn DULL into INTERESTING:

We watched a Steve Jobs video about marketing and advertising this past weekend (here) and want to ask you: what are your company’s values, at it’s core? Outside of delivering great services, quality work, good products, and more, what is really your CORE?

Who or what do you honor?  

·         Apple honors the difference makers, movers and shakers. Thus, the campaign is: “Think Different”
·         Coke honors bringing people together: “Open Happiness” or “Share a Coke”
·         Disney honors creativity and magic: “Dreams Come True”
·         Milk honors health: “Got Milk”
·         Nike honors athletes: “Just Do It”

This advertising is not dull. In fact they are some of the most engaging slogans and recognized words in advertising. They connect you with a feeling. They communicate a bigger purpose, what they stand for, who they stand with, and their core passion.

Why should you blog? Blog to refine your thoughts, to praise your industry crush or admirer, or to amplify your humanity, uniqueness, and creativity. Blog to find your voice, experiment, discover life lessons, connect with billions of people (on the web), or open up a world without borders. The world is at your fingertips … your fingertips on the keyboard!

So, who or what do you honor?

Online marketing is everything now days. It is what makes up a business. If one does not have a strong online presence, ones does not have a strong business. We want the hard work that you’ve already put into your passions, education, and career to be seenBlogging and posting on social media can help do that.

COGO is here for you and looks forward to working together to grow your fans on your blog and other social media platforms.
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