I didn’t know LinkedIn had a CRM


So … LinkedIn as a Customer Relationship Management tool. Did you know that?

Two new professionals sign up to join LinkedIn each second. So take advantage of their tools that allow you to content with this market. It’s super simple (3 steps!):

1.      Click the “Relationship” button which is the star below their profile picture. This stores their profile in your LinkedIn address book even if you’re not connected to them.

2.      Then in that same drop down under “Relationship”, click “How you met” and enter in some info. Include things like locations, events, online locations, or something the person told you if you met at an event etc. The key is to enter something.

You can also enter a “Note” on this same page about this person, “Tag” them in a group you have (i.e. friend, potential client, classmate, partners, etc.) and you can schedule a “Reminder” when to follow up with them next (see photo above).

TIP: When you add tags to your connections, you can then easily e-mail all of the people who have that same tag within LinkedIn. Though, be sure to use the LinkedIn group messaging/e-mail sparingly as you don’t want to spam your connections.  Make sure you are providing value in your e-mail messages.  And always make sure you un-check the box that shows everyone’s e-mail address!

3.      Click the “Contact Info” tab which is to the right of the “Relationship” button/star and enter in their contact info.This is where you can enter any other contact information you have about them from business cards, email signatures, etc.

Also, while LinkedIn membership is free, their Sales Navigator is not. Sales Navigator is their sales prospecting tool. Pricing for teams is set on a per seat basis. Pricing for individuals starts at a 30-day free trial followed by $79.99 per month (with an option to purchase annually at an additional discount).

So, use the above 3 steps first and see if you can organize and manage your contacts on your own first before purchasing this sales leads builder.

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